Once Kissed: An O'Brien Family Novel (The O'Brien Family) - Cecy Robson

First of all I have to clarify that the cover is absolutly amazing and the first days I was staring at the cover for longer than I had too. Yeap hope you dont called me a shallow person really :))

I like series when the main protagonist comes from big families maybe because I was never a part of a very big families but I also enjoy how the main couple interact with other members fro the family and the laugh or the drama it comes. I just find it very interesting!

I (for some reason I dont understand) I was very connected from the beginning with Curran and Tess.It was a beautiful ride and I was excited to see how the story between those two started and develop in the end. I also liked the fact they were not perfect they had their own personal drama to solve,they did it together! Curran facing his own demons with his own colleugue and Tess dealing with her father (I dont want to write more about him but there are two major moments I really want to smash my Kindle from reading his action towards Tess)There was tension,love,drama and family all balance all together as I personally wanted.

I am looking forward to read the next books of the series