Love the Way You Lie (Stripped Book 1) - Skye Warren

100 levels of frustation all over! :(

I really hate when something like this happens but i cant really help it when it does! I really liked the Prequel to this series and i really wanted to found out more for the story and to the characters that involved. And i was positive after i finished the prequel that i would like the first book in the series. But it just didnt happened and to be honest i was not enjoying as much as i wanted while reading. Ofcource it has nothing to do prsonally with the autor it just the story in the end felt a little bit flat dead to me.

During the first half of the story i didnt felt any connection with Honor/Honey either Kip. There were some disturbing flashbacks Honor had and I just couldnt remove that picture out from my mind (the one with her ex fiance and her father from the past) and Kip was way too much mysterious which we didnt knew so much about him till the end. Plus i get tired for some reason for the repeating attemps of Kip trying saying to Honor that he is there to help her and her respond that he cant trust him but she wants but she can. Second half was way better since it inclued much more action and secrets (finally revealed)

I think in the end what it didnt worked for me was that the Romance was a little bit more Dark for my taste!