Lick - Complete Series - Lucia Jordan

After i finished the story i came up with the conclusion that the story with the name it self it doesnt not really fit (in my opinion).

Its the second series i read from the author and I was not dissapointed. Gina moved to her brother house after he discover that her boyfriend had lied and cheated (again) when she meet the good and sexy neighbor Landon. I really enjoyed how the story between those two was and the entire fantasy having a sexy neighbor (dont we all have this fantasy anyway?)

The story was easy to follow, the sex and the The intimate scenes were very steamy. The only reason i am adding a 3 sta review was because as it happens with all books from the same author i wanted to big longer. Also there was alot going on with Gina's brother which we left with no answers as to why before he got a happy ending obviously. And also another major thing : when Gina confront Landon about his secrets i was dissapointed to see how the conflict was resolved in the end. There was potential in my eyes for even more between those two!

But overall it was so fun and enjoyable :)