Blindsight: The Series (Complete Erotic Suspense STANDALONE) - Adriane Leigh

Blindsight was recommended to me according to previous books i have read already and I thought to check it out. I literally read it in one sit in couple of hours during evening and night.

It was an interesting reading for sure with a lot of crime suspense,intrigue and of course lots of sex. The suspense behind who was who and what will happened next was way too much for my taste. I almost went back and re read several parts in some cases,i felt i was missing something.

The sex scenes between our couple was... Literally mind blowing!Maybe i have a long time to read such a raw and almost carnal but very authentic sex but steamy scenes but it was too good to be true... .

But the plot was really good to catch my interest in the end and i really wanted to found out how the conclusion would be in the end. The ending left me with even more new questions. .