Reasonable Doubt 2 - George R.R. Martin
If you haven't read the first book step back and go read it right now

Consider how the first book finished i was expecting a more than a simple bomb from our story and i was correct... It was entirely a long Long sweaty,steamy firework between Andrew and Aubrey. After Andrew really realized who Aubrey was i was so expecting a massive explode to come from him and i was right... One minute it was him torture her about pretty much everything you can imagine and the next minute you see both to have an awesome worked out in the office,in the bathroom literally everywhere

I think i might have a Bipolar behaviour as well consider those two and specially Andrew i just love to hate him in most chapters and maybe pretty much in every page ... Almost but close. We learn more from Aubrey background and how much in a horrible family environment she grew up with two parents who never really cared about her needs and her wishes and it was more about their own benefits and all.

We actually learn more about Andrew past at the same time. But doesn't make him a better lovable person or someone we can all forgive for his words and actions not at all. As i said earlier his relationship was one long firework. The problem is no mater how much awesome the sex scenes was between them it was coming to an end. Not because they didn't had feelings for each other. Not at all on the contrary it was they both had obviously but they let they personal issues and stubborns to let them apart.

Don't get me wrong I absolutely adore those two but it is one of the times that both sides are responsible for different reasons. Andrew was cold and hot. His tragic past for once but mostly his man whore idiotic horrible behaviour and attitude towards Aubrey. He wanted and then he didn't. He wanted and then he changed his mind, He wanted in the end but with his own terms and needs. Aubrey in the other side was a woman in love with him. She sure was and she actually let her own self to believe that Andrew would sort of see how much she was in love and then he will change. That's a typical female behaviour from real life as well.

Looking forward for the next and final book!