Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 - Whitney Gracia Williams

Volume 3 the final book of the series and I like it equally like the rest two volumes even for different reasons.

Audrey is back and kicking ass apparently. After she realize that Andrew would never change for the good of both of us decide to just scrap up everything and chase her dream of being a ballerina. I was very satisfy i see her coming in her senses and starting a new life and i truly believe this is something she should have done from the beginning. But ofcource this didn't last long since Andrew is back on track but this time Audrey is the one who changed and set up the rules instead of Andrew.Also we are able to see even more of Andrew past and to try to understand him the reasons he become the way he is. Still doesn't mean he can be forgiven so easily but at least we can understand him more as a character.
I really loved the series. The characters and the story it self felt so realistic.  Definitely looking forward for more from the author