Bittersweet - Noelle  Adams

I am a huge fan of the author and I read pretty much everything she writes. But doesnt mean I am not objective with her books.At least I really try :)

It took me a while to start reading this.I had it for a while and just after 2 years the book released I decide to read it. Better later than never right? Well I ended up crying a little bit near the end and smiling all over. I think the story was wonderful development with full plot and chracters that loved in the end. I really wanted in the end the best for Zoe,Adam and Logan. Yeap there were a lot of misunderstandings like Zoe feelings being up and down and swifting and changing but even that I was not in her shoes I totally understand her (or at least tried you know what I mean?) She lost Josh the man she loved,the father of her child and I really felt empathy and compasion to her at the first half. If she was real I would totally giver her a long hug and congrats her for being strong or at least trying to be strong. And for Adam oh well I dont know how he hold up his feelings for SO LONG and I respect him for not entering and destroying his cousin life with Zoe!

Yeap I am sure you will agree with me that there was not a real twist in the book (unless you mean Josh was alive in the end or if all these was a dream) and you might be able to predict like me pretty much everything. But I took the story while reading a little bit different. A beautiful story how we can recover and continue in life!