For the love of reading

I like reading. I always like reading since i was a little kid. In fact my very first book was Anna Frank's diary when i was 10 and BOOM! i havent stopped reading since then and i always joke saying that i will read till the age of 100! I discover Goodreads 5 years ago and it was magical! And it is still amazing and awesome how larg database the website has and you have the chance to find new books,new series and new authors! Well i started with Young Adult and moved to Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance and Adult Fiction.I have read so many Young Adults books (not that i mind ofcource) and lately i dont seem to be able to pick any good/new YA. It might be my age i guess. The same goes for PR as well i guess i had enough for vampires and all the PR creatures :p I have discover lately more Adult Fiction Erotica and Romantic Suspense which seems to be my own favourite. I cant say no sexy SEAL's,Military guys,Cops or even Lawyers oups :P