Booty Call (Forbidden Bodyguards Book 2) - Ainsley Booth

Few months ago i finished Hate F*@k: The Complete Story and i was surprised to see there was a second book of the series I was so excited that i totally forgot that i actually pre order not until the book delivered at my amazon kindle! I literally finished it in one day (should i say in one night)

There are few spoilers bare in mind

we knew Alison and Scott already from the previous book. They have a sort of thing going on between them. Scott is bodyguard of Alison and i really pity n a good way this guy. How long and how he was able to resist her I was just speechless. Alison is in her 20s and guess what a virgin Scott is around 35. I don't really mind their age gasp because age is just a number in most cases

So the first part is a sort of a cat and a mouse game between them. I am glad it it didn't last for so long because i really wanted to see those two together. Scott was all over the place for her and Alison was all over for him as well at the same time. And the had a lot of sex pretty much a lot of sex. Some sex were provoking i guess for some but they were sure very explicit awesome and you will have those omg moments plenty of time.

It was pretty clear that somewhere in the moment both of them will fall in love. And this is the only part that Alison irritated me in some sort of way. Yeah they have agree from the first that this would be a booty call (mostly from Alison part) but she fall in love for real with Scott and she keep using excuses why they cant be together. There was a jealousy scene when Alison met Scott ex wife and she went furious and accuse him for keeping secrets from her and not open up and all. When at the same time she was keeping pretty much everything for her she demanded Scott to be open all all over about him and his past and to totally get hurt in the end since after all he was a booty call for her...

This was a interesting story over all and very fun. we get to experience all the ups and downs in the relationship from the lust,the sex and the love in the end. I really like that the author used again both POV because we really see whats going on in all sorts of situations and feelings from both sides at the same time.

I am looking forward for the rest characters,there seems to be more coming up!