intense,intrigue,full of passion and desire just wonderful

Wild Aces: A Sexy Standalone - Marni Mann

You know the feeling i suppose. When you start to read the new book from an author you  recently discover and really fancy reading it,and you promise your self its going to be one more chapter and one more chapter after finally hours you end up finishing the entire book. This is exactly what happens to me with Wild Aces. I devour it in almost one night when i was keep saying i will only read few chapters before i end up to bed..

In case you have not read The Unblocked Collection i think this is the time to do it even after you read Wild Aces since its a standalone novel. Feel like i repeat my self but i have to say it one more time, trust me its that good. 
Trapper and Brea meet in a masquerade party which hosted by her best friend Frankie and her husband Derek them in The Unblocked series. The setting of how Trapper and Brea is just amazing i mean i personally always fancy something like this to happened so reading this was even more fun. The desire and they lust between Trapper and Brea was just waay so much that i really wanted to remove the masks and get party whopped under a bed.But it wouldn't be fun if this happened so fast and the  part between those two wearing their masks while tempted to do other prohibited things  was too good to read.The share a kiss through, a very  passionate kiss 
There was no awkwardness no trying to establish  a tempo and no learning the places inside me. This was a kiss from a man who somehow already knew every inch of my body.
You can understand that awesome moments like this even on books always get interrupted from someone or something.So before he leaves they exchange phone number and a promise that they will meet soon without any mask and any time limitation and doubt.
I really really enjoyed this novel from Marni Mann. Trapper and Brea was awesome and both complex characters who surfer enough in my opinion in the past and they both deserved to be happy together. The moment they both met it was a twist of the entire story i didn't not expecting to be, you will get what i mean when you read it.  I really enjoy those two their lust at first,the realization who is who and what they can do both about it,the passion the shared and the love in the end. I really adore seeing again Derek and Frankie interacting with the couple including the new characters. The writing was intense,intrigue,full of passion and desire just wonderful.
Cant wait for more books from the series!