Lost In Me (Here and Now) - Lexi Ryan

What just happened?What i have done?How i survived reading this?The most important question is why i haven't read this book before? I am speechless and my mouth is still open after i finished this book!

I discover the book via recommendations at Goodreads. I liked the summary and i was interest enough to explore the subject since i haven't tried any story when the main protagonist has an amnesia! And it was so good in the end so good that i can wait to continue to the second book!
Hannah wakes up in a hospital after a terrible accident she had after she was beaten and fall out from the stairs. Her family is there her gorgeous fiance Max is there supporting her,her giant engagement ring is in her finger but there is a trap in the story : She has amnesia and she doesn't remember anything that happened the last months to her life. The only thing she does remember is going out with her twin sister and her friends to a bar and Max google eye seeing her there and pretty much that it.
Hannah  feels like she is in a beautiful bubble a fairy tail and the life she always wanted. She was always in love with Max the gorgeous gym owner and now she is his fiance and the only woman that has and capture his heart. She has the dream job she wanted her own bakery making wedding cakes. Everything that ever wanted she has those things. But is it everything that it seems to be?
To say i like this book it will be way too little. The journey of Hannah  trying to recover her own memories and what happened was huge because not everything seems to be as it seems. I really enjoy this book and in fact i finished in one sit screaming at the top of my lungs that she was right that there are so many things she has and must to remember in order to put everything in order. There are so many secrets around some i could not even figure and it was awesome to discover little by little with Hannah  all those. What happened with her own twin? Why their own relationship have messed up? Can she trust Max the only man she was truly in love with or at least that's what she thought at least? Who is the second character who involves so much in her life Nate?Whats his part?
I think the story was fantastic the reading was so much fun and there is so much anticipation page after page. Cant wait to read the second book in the series consider the fact the first one finished with a MAJOR cliffhanger  and a very important one!