For the love of reading

I like reading. I always like reading since i was a little kid. In fact my very first book was Anna Frank's diary when i was 10 and BOOM! i havent stopped reading since then and i always joke saying that i will read till the age of 100! I discover Goodreads 5 years ago and it was magical! And it is still amazing and awesome how larg database the website has and you have the chance to find new books,new series and new authors! Well i started with Young Adult and moved to Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance and Adult Fiction.I have read so many Young Adults books (not that i mind ofcource) and lately i dont seem to be able to pick any good/new YA. It might be my age i guess. The same goes for PR as well i guess i had enough for vampires and all the PR creatures :p I have discover lately more Adult Fiction Erotica and Romantic Suspense which seems to be my own favourite. I cant say no sexy SEAL's,Military guys,Cops or even Lawyers oups :P
Love the Way You Lie (Stripped Book 1) - Skye Warren

100 levels of frustation all over! :(

I really hate when something like this happens but i cant really help it when it does! I really liked the Prequel to this series and i really wanted to found out more for the story and to the characters that involved. And i was positive after i finished the prequel that i would like the first book in the series. But it just didnt happened and to be honest i was not enjoying as much as i wanted while reading. Ofcource it has nothing to do prsonally with the autor it just the story in the end felt a little bit flat dead to me.

During the first half of the story i didnt felt any connection with Honor/Honey either Kip. There were some disturbing flashbacks Honor had and I just couldnt remove that picture out from my mind (the one with her ex fiance and her father from the past) and Kip was way too much mysterious which we didnt knew so much about him till the end. Plus i get tired for some reason for the repeating attemps of Kip trying saying to Honor that he is there to help her and her respond that he cant trust him but she wants but she can. Second half was way better since it inclued much more action and secrets (finally revealed)

I think in the end what it didnt worked for me was that the Romance was a little bit more Dark for my taste!

Once Kissed: An O'Brien Family Novel (The O'Brien Family) - Cecy Robson

First of all I have to clarify that the cover is absolutly amazing and the first days I was staring at the cover for longer than I had too. Yeap hope you dont called me a shallow person really :))

I like series when the main protagonist comes from big families maybe because I was never a part of a very big families but I also enjoy how the main couple interact with other members fro the family and the laugh or the drama it comes. I just find it very interesting!

I (for some reason I dont understand) I was very connected from the beginning with Curran and Tess.It was a beautiful ride and I was excited to see how the story between those two started and develop in the end. I also liked the fact they were not perfect they had their own personal drama to solve,they did it together! Curran facing his own demons with his own colleugue and Tess dealing with her father (I dont want to write more about him but there are two major moments I really want to smash my Kindle from reading his action towards Tess)There was tension,love,drama and family all balance all together as I personally wanted.

I am looking forward to read the next books of the series

Bittersweet - Noelle  Adams

I am a huge fan of the author and I read pretty much everything she writes. But doesnt mean I am not objective with her books.At least I really try :)

It took me a while to start reading this.I had it for a while and just after 2 years the book released I decide to read it. Better later than never right? Well I ended up crying a little bit near the end and smiling all over. I think the story was wonderful development with full plot and chracters that loved in the end. I really wanted in the end the best for Zoe,Adam and Logan. Yeap there were a lot of misunderstandings like Zoe feelings being up and down and swifting and changing but even that I was not in her shoes I totally understand her (or at least tried you know what I mean?) She lost Josh the man she loved,the father of her child and I really felt empathy and compasion to her at the first half. If she was real I would totally giver her a long hug and congrats her for being strong or at least trying to be strong. And for Adam oh well I dont know how he hold up his feelings for SO LONG and I respect him for not entering and destroying his cousin life with Zoe!

Yeap I am sure you will agree with me that there was not a real twist in the book (unless you mean Josh was alive in the end or if all these was a dream) and you might be able to predict like me pretty much everything. But I took the story while reading a little bit different. A beautiful story how we can recover and continue in life!